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11/10/2021 - My first term at CereProc

Hi Blogoshere, my name is Sasha and I’m here to share my experience as a newbie at CereProc.

I started in my role as Junior Sales & Support Assistant almost three months ago, having just completed my degree course in Politics and Russian Studies. My first step into the business world of the Tech Sector was both exhilarating and daunting (at first) I must admit – so here is a little bit about how it went:

The Exhilarating – In my first month, I learned to clone my voice in French using CereVoiceMe (I am half-French, by the way) and then made a presentation on this during an international voice-tech webinar. Since then, I have participated in many more UK and international client meetings (online) where I have had the chance to hear our company directors speaking in detail about Cereproc technologies and products – which has been incredibly interesting and meaningful for me. I have also been on a fantastic internal training programme to help get me up to speed with our products and business processes – and this training was a key factor in my decision to join the company.

And, without exception, I have to say that the management team has been the most inspiring force for me during this first part of my learning curve – thanks to their enthusiasm, expertise, and encouragement at every step.

The Daunting – of course, I knew that I would be on a sharp learning curve in terms of upskilling to a sales role and the science of voice synthesis, having previously focussed mainly on humanities and social sciences. I am now definitely through my initial adaptation to the ‘real world’ that inevitably follows life at university. In my case, “the exhilarating” is cancelling out “the daunting” very quickly and I feel more and more confident about the tasks I need to understand and fulfil in my role.

One of my favourite things about working at CereProc so far is that I get to see first-hand how our solutions are helping people with speech disabilities retain an integral part of their identity – their voice. It’s great to hear how our technology is helping those in need and how our synthetic voices can give people confidence to go out and live their lives to the fullest.

On my first day, my direct manager, Sophie, explained to me how CereProc’s Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology is constantly evolving so our team will always be upskilling and adding new knowledge to our everyday activities. I think this is very important because it shows how dynamic and exciting the field of TTS is today thanks to all the new research that is coming through. It will never be stagnant, and I think that this is the element that I love most about working at CereProc.