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Explore the most natural and diverse text to speech voices on the market!

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For Developers

CereProc's development tools give you everything you need to integrate award-winning text-to-speech functionality into your applications. CereProc voices can integrate into Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android environments, via native APIs or CereProc's cross-platform APIs. We support deployment in the cloud, on high-availability servers, and on-device.

Sign up to the CereProc Developer Program

Developers wishing to utilise CereProc's high-quality text-to-speech voices in their applications can sign up to the CereProc Developer Program here.

We're happy to help you find the best way to integrate speech into your environment - just contact us with your requirements.

CereVoice Cloud

The CereVoice Cloud is a text-to-speech (TTS) web service. CereVoice Cloud provides developers with easy access to the CereVoice 6 TTS engine, allowing any application to be speech enabled with CereProc's industry-leading TTS output. For more information, and to sign up for a free account, visit the CereVoice Cloud page.

CereVoice Software Development Kit

Speech application developers can use the CereVoice Engine SDK (Software Development Kit) to create their own applications incorporating CereVoice text-to-speech.

Application developers can license CereVoice voices, either to redistribute the voice package itself within their application, or to distribute the audio generated from CereProc's voices. Please contact us for further information on this licensing model.

TTS Server

CereProc cServers are supported on Windows and Linux platforms, offering high performance in multi-threaded, multi-channel environments.

Academic Licensing

The CereVoice Engine SDK is the only commercial-grade TTS available free of charge to academic institutions for research purposes. Please follow the instructions on the academic licensing page to access the SDK.