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Research and Development

CereProc is committed to developing innovative new text-to-speech technologies.

The way we interact with technology is changing - through mobile devices, Siri -like personal assistants, robotics, gaming, wearable technology and more - and synthetic speech is an integral part of that. We believe that creating characterful, engaging, emotional voices is the key to making this happen.

Our R & D team has continued to always punch above its weight from creating the first robot-human singing duet with Hanson Robotics to generating the first AI audio speech with recorded data for our JFK Unsilenced project.

Our research covers many areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning, including deep neural network (DNN) models for synthesis, speech prosody and singing synthesis.

The world leading expertise of our staff and focus on R & D is one of the reasons we’re able to continue to innovate and compete with much bigger companies.

●  CereProc's voice engine gives you more control than other TTS engines

●  CereVoice is available for ROS and we have partnered with numerous academic institutions and companies to deliver innovative solutions for robotics projects

●  We can make synthesised voices more conversational than other providers

●  CereProc’s R&D team is currently working to launch a commercialised singing synthesis system and an improved Wavenet style system “CereWave” in Q4 of 2019.