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Articulate.xyz aim to change the how a person learns a new language, by encouraging continuous usage of the language rather than rote ‘flashcard’ based learning. By harnessing the power of CereProc’s synthetic voices and AI, Articuate.xyz tailor the learning process and experience, based on the ability and preference of the user.

This allows the Articuate.xyz user to learn the language in a way that immerses and encourages them to make mistakes and learn, rather than only using the limited and limiting isolated units that other Apps tend to use. This also allows Articuate.xyz users to ‘have a go’ as mistakes are not judged, but are corrected by providing context and increasing usage of the language.

The Articulate.xyz learning method

Using CereProc’s William CereVoice, Articulate.xyz have found the voice to be a warm and teacherly voice perfect for guiding users into learning English. CEO and Founder Paul Evans has this to say about the CereVoice and Articulate.xyz

"In the realm of language learning, the voice is not just a tool but a guide, and CereProc's William CereVoice embodies the essence of a great teacher: clear, warm, and ever-available. We value its offline functionality, ensuring accessibility even in areas with limited internet connectivity, empowering learners worldwide."

CereProc endeavours to support companies developing new and novel applications to assist in education. Articulate.xyz are providing a useful and powerful tool to allow those who want to start or expand their methods of learning the English language.

CereProc’s CereVoice technology allows for high quality voices to run locally, without an internet connection, even on lower powered mobile devices without losing the qualities that Articulate.xyz desired for their teaching app.

With Version 7 on the horizon, CereProc is continuing to advance its accessibility for high quality voices in all technologies, expanding usage into fields that benefit users, including language development.

CEO Paul Welham elaborates: "CereProc are proud to work with and are very excited to see Articulate.xyz application reach those who require assistance in learning new languages. Working with Articuate.xyz, continues CereProc’s tradition of support companies in the educational market place."