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14/12/2012 - Multicultural smartphones with personality: CereProc's Android apps deliver diverse range of English language accents

The English speaking world boasts a huge number of colourful accents. Here at CereProc, we believe this should be celebrated and as a result, are committed to moving text-to-speech away from the unnatural voices with starchy British accents that are typically applied to synthetic speech output.

Recently, we've developed, updated and added over fifteen location-specific accents to our language portfolio of Android applications available for download from the Google Play™ Store. Retaining the character and sentiment of the voice artist with specific regional idiom, the synthetic voices range from accents native to the United States, the Republic of Ireland, France, Scotland and across England.

Suitable for any application that requires speech output, our Android apps enable individuals to synthesize a number of functions. From receiving navigation directions, newsfeeds, eBooks and SMS text messages via synthesized speech, the smartphone owner is able to have the information delivered in a specific accent that he or she finds more engaging, attractive or funnier than the standard British voice typically used in mobile applications.

Delivering many of the much loved and distinctive location-specific accents within the UK and abroad - including a Glaswegian, Northern and Southern English and Irish - the text-to-speech voices have been developed to display character and emotion, our range of Android apps has been designed to integrate seamlessly into the smartphone owner's experience, enriching each action while enhancing the functionality of TTS enabled applications on mobile devices.

The mobile platform has become one of the key channels through which we - as a company spearheading the advance of text-to-speech technology - can engage with individuals directly on their personal devices. Raising awareness of the capabilities of speech synthesis and encouraging use of synthetic voices in many applications, we see mobile as a key area of growth for CereProc, and our industry as a whole, as the Android apps offer individuals access to high quality synthetic voices direct from their own personal devices.

CEO Paul Welham commented: "We're very aware of the lack of choice currently given to consumers in terms of the character of synthetic speech output on mobile devices and so we're proud to be able to offer people different options. From lovely lilting Irish to broad Glaswegian accents, our apps are enabling Android users to select an accent that they like to listen to. We hope that by making their experience more rich and engaging, people will use the applications more and ultimately explore the capabilities of the speech technology further."

Full of character and emotion, CereProc's wider language portfolio is available for download and deployment across multiple platforms using Windows, Mac OS X, CereVoice Cloud, SDK or cServer products.

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