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For its size, Gatwick Airport handles flights to more destinations than any other UK airport with over 45.6 million passengers in 2017 travelling via this airport. With the world’s busiest single runway, Gatwick Airport broke the record that year by achieving an incredible 950 flights taking off in a day! Ahead in terms of development and technology, Gatwick airport was the world’s first airport to have a direct train link and railway station. In 2013, Gatwick was looking for an innovative, multilingual and advanced Text to Speech solution for their Public Address System.


JFK’s words in July 1963 negotiated the resolution to end the Cold War. His words provided federal support for the growing civil rights movement. The course of history was changed forever on November 22, 1963, as JFK made his fateful trip through downtown Dallas to deliver his speech at the Dallas Trade Mart and was shot dead. The assassination sent shock waves throughout the world and his speech was never to be heard, until now!

06/03/2018 - National Apprenticeship Week 2018

It’s National Apprenticeship Week 2018 #NAW2018 and here at CereProc we think it’s a great opportunity to celebrate our Sales and Marketing Apprentice – Angus Rose. Angus joined us straight from school after leaving Peebles High School in 5th year. After already securing very good Higher grades, Angus decided to gain some industry experience, making an apprenticeship a perfect option.

07/08/2017 Fake news, VoCo, Obama and Hillary Clinton...(CereProc on Radiolab)

CereProc has been working in speech synthesis and modification for many years and we are pleased to see this has started to become a more mainstream interest. Adobe, with their demo of VoCo highlighted the power and potential dangers of using speech synthesis to edit speech. Our CSO, Dr Matthew Aylett, was recently interviewed by Radiolab on how this technology could be used to create fake news. Listen to this thought provoking podcast here and see a bit of visual and audio modified Barack Obama here:

10/07/2017 Voice for KFC

Colonel Sanders is now cheerfully greeting customers and taking orders at a KFC drive-thru – albeit in a robot format. KFC released the robot ‘chicken expert’ dubbed H.A.R.L.A.N.D. (Human Assisted Robotic Linguistic Animatronic Networked Device) to celebrate the National Fried Chicken Day on July 6th.

26/05/2017 Next generation speech synthesis super star

Conall Major (12) of Edinburgh visited CereProc office last week to learn all about speech synthesis. He worked with CereProc’s CSO Dr Matthew Aylett and had some fun playing around with our novelty Donald and Hillary voices. Conall said that the most difficult part of the work experience was finding something funny for the Hillary voice to say!

We think he did a brilliant job and wanted to share some of the samples Conall created.

Listen to Donald discuss his views on Mexicans and other matters:

11/05/2017 CereProc releases a high quality Swedish text to speech voice in collaboration with the Swedish Government Agency MTM

CereProc, in partnership with the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media (MTM) , is proud to announce the release of the new text to speech voice (‘Ylva’) that will help thousands of users across Sweden.

08/05/2017 CereProc’s co-founder Dr Matthew Aylett is featured in The Royal Society’s case study

As well as leading CereProc’s research and development team, Matthew is also a Royal Society Research Fellow and carries out research projects at The University of Edinburgh.

His impressive and in many ways unique career path is featured in the case study recently published by The Royal Society.

28/04/2017 CereProc and ARIA – VALUSPA make waves at the Science Museum Lates

A team from CereProc supported by Dr Eduardo Manuel De Brito Lima Ferreira Coutinho from the Imperial College demonstrated various aspects of speech synthesis at the Science Museum in London, as part of the Royal Society’s the Next Big Thing project.

07/04/2017 Can you pronounce these Scottish place names correctly?

Scotland, the country best known for the scenic Highlands, whisky and deep-fried Mars bars… and impossible to pronounce place names.

Have a go first and then listen to CereProc’s Heather to see what it’s meant to sound like.

If you get all of them right, you can call yourself an honorary Scot!

Ok, let’s start easy! Can you say Edinburgh correctly? Not challenging for Scots but many a tourist (and American TV presenter) has gotten it wrong.