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16/02/2012 - Text-to-Speech Development and Support Made in Germany

“Thank you for your excellent service!” .... “Where can I try out your TTS-Voices?”..... “Nice to get you right away!”... Callers to the TTS developer team at SpeechConcept are always delighted about the customer service of this mid-sized software company. In particular, visually-impaired users welcome the support during download and installation. But also TTS integrators appreciate the direct contact to the developers and computational linguists. They are the ones familiar with all the details of the software and answer questions quickly and competently.

05/02/2012 - CereProc creates voice for New Orleans Saints hero, Steve Gleason

Former New Orleans Saints safety, Steve Gleason, is fondly remembered for a blocked punt against the Atlanta Falcons on the night the New Orleans Superdome reopened after Hurricane Katrina. He will be featured in NBC's SuperBowl Pre-Game Show tonight.

Gleason went public with his diagnosis of ALS (Motor Neuron Disease/Lou Gehrig's disease) in September 2011.

He has been working with hi-tech Scottish company CereProc to produce a synthetic version of his voice that can be used on smartphones and desktop computers.

19/01/2012 - CereProc and Telisma voice the announcement of an ideal partnership

Advanced Text to Speech (TTS) solutions company CereProc has agreed a partnership with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems expert Telisma, enabling the creation of the most natural voice input and output systems available on the global market.

In an agreement which marks the connection of two speech technology industry giants, CereProc has been selected by Telisma to support a multi server deployment initiative which demands high quality French, English, Spanish and German voices.

12/12/2011 - CereProc is granted patent for its Emotional Speech Synthesis System

Patent rights for Emotional Speech Synthesis give prime position to CereProc in providing best of breed custom built voices which are natural and full of character.

Industry leading text-to-speech (TTS) technology company, CereProc, has been granted a UK patent protecting its exclusive rights to the Emotional Speech Synthesis system, designed to produce full speech synthesis with emotion, for use in multiple sectors.

Chris Pidcock, Chief Voice Engineer at CereProc explained:

30/11/2011 - Great demo of a Social Robot using CereProc's William voice

Edinburgh, UK, 30th November 2011

KTH in Sweden have created a social robot, FurHat. He is currently on display at the Science Museum in London as part of the Robotville exhibition. FurHat speaks with the CereProc William TTS voice. He uses built-in CereVoice vocal gestures to add extra realism (and sarcasm) to his speech.

Here's a great video of FurHat playing chess and speaking with our William voice: