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News & Blog

16/02/2010 - CereProc in Esquire Magazine

The March edition of US magazine Esquire features CereProc in its profile of Roger Ebert, the leading American film critic.

As mentioned in the article, Roger lost the power of speech almost four years ago. Taking archive recordings of Roger's speech, CereProc is building a voice for Roger using their voice cloning technology.

The article can be found here.

CereProc Announces 100% Revenue Increase For 2008 plus a major partnership with ATR of Japan

1. CereProc, the Scottish Edinburgh-based speech synthesis IT Company, is pleased to report that trading figures up until the end of September 2008 (end of 3rd quarter) - already show a 100% increase on revenue over the full financial year of 2007. Commenting, CereProc CEO Paul Welham said - "This is a great achievement by the team and reflects CereProc's growing reputation as a provider of innovative and advanced synthetic speech solutions at market beating prices". He added "orders from the US have significantly assisted in this result".

CereProc adds support for Japanese

In 2008, CereProc is proud to announce their Japanese voice. In line with all CereVoice voices, it is highly intelligible and expressive, and can even output emotional speech.

CereProc adds support for Spanish and Catalan

CereProc, in partnership with Barcelona Media, has developed a bi-lingual version of the CereVoice designer speech synthesis system. This new variant of CereVoice is able to produce both Catalan and Castilian speech output and will be marketed in Spain by Barcelona Media.

CereVoice Heather licence for schools announced in Scottish Parliament

Edinburgh, Scotland, 8th May 2008

Adam Ingram, Minister for Children and Early Years, announced a licence for schools to use CereVoice Heather.

The Scottish Government website
"Better access to learning resources"
"The Scottish Government has also funded the CALL Centre to take forward a project which will enable pupils to listen to digital curriculum materials spoken out in a Scottish voice. This high quality computer voice can be downloaded by all schools free of charge from the CALL centre website."