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08/05/2017 CereProc’s co-founder Dr Matthew Aylett is featured in The Royal Society’s case study

As well as leading CereProc’s research and development team, Matthew is also a Royal Society Research Fellow and carries out research projects at The University of Edinburgh.

His impressive and in many ways unique career path is featured in the case study recently published by The Royal Society.

28/04/2017 CereProc and ARIA – VALUSPA make waves at the Science Museum Lates

A team from CereProc supported by Dr Eduardo Manuel De Brito Lima Ferreira Coutinho from the Imperial College demonstrated various aspects of speech synthesis at the Science Museum in London, as part of the Royal Society’s the Next Big Thing project.

07/04/2017 Can you pronounce these Scottish place names correctly?

Scotland, the country best known for the scenic Highlands, whisky and deep-fried Mars bars… and impossible to pronounce place names.

Have a go first and then listen to CereProc’s Heather to see what it’s meant to sound like.

If you get all of them right, you can call yourself an honorary Scot!

Ok, let’s start easy! Can you say Edinburgh correctly? Not challenging for Scots but many a tourist (and American TV presenter) has gotten it wrong.

06/04/2017 CereProc’s partner Alert Cascade is a finalist in the 2017 Business Continuity Awards

Mass communication service provider Alert Cascade integrated CereProc’s voices at the end of 2016 and has gone from strength to strength since then.

23/02/2017 Why text to speech is an excellent tool for writers

Lisa Leoni discusses in her latest blog post how text to speech helps her work more efficiently and improve her writing. For her new novel set in Scotland, CereProc’s Stuart is the best voice for the job.

“I discovered, and subsequently fell in love with, Scottish Stuart on Cereporc.  I’m writing contemporary romance set in Scotland with a Scottish hero and I wanted a level of authenticity in my text-to-speech experiences. *cough* Or something like that. After purchasing the voice it was super easy to install it to my machine.”

3/2/2017 ARIA VALUSPA – Ground breaking Virtual Human technology

The way we interact with technology is changing - through mobile devices, Siri -like personal assistants, robotics, gaming, wearable technology and more - and synthetic speech is an integral part of that. Text to speech voices need to not only be good enough to deliver a seamless communication experience through conversational interfaces but also delight the user!

Happy holidays from CereProc

2016 has been a year to remember, mostly for upsetting reasons… But it hasn’t been all bad so let’s try to focus on the positive and here’s hoping 2017 comes up trumps!

Here’s a quick round up of CereProc’s achievements. Big thank you to all our customers and partners for making it a great year!

29/11/2016 Alert Cascade and CereProc partner to produce the first mass notification service to include UK text to speech (TTS) voices with regional accents

As one of the few remaining UK owned and operated mass notification companies Alert Cascade's latest platform release builds on the UK theme by including regional TTS voices designed and engineered by CereProc.

30/10/2016 CereProc proudly presents – new voices, languages and more in the latest version of CereVoice V4.0

CereProc are delighted to announce that V4.0 of CereVoice has now been released.

V4.0 is based on the following;

- Extensive customer collaboration and input.

- Market research on required features.

- Introduction of new technical research that CereProc has undertaken to optimise the system and further improve voice quality.

V4.0 is a major release and introduces a host of new features, system improvements, voices and languages.

30/10/2016 - Oakley Radar Pace – a voice that can motivate you!

Oakley’s new smart sunglasses transform into your very own personal trainer – who has a very nice (synthetic) voice! Check it out for yourself in the video below…