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14/07/2014 5 Applications of Text to Speech in Video Games

Gaming has never been bigger business. Ever-more elaborate and sophisticated titles are being released all the time. Cutting-edge technologies are not only being deployed in game development, but are being researched and produced directly as a result of that development, as we've seen with innovations like Oculus Rift. CereProc has worked with large games studios around the world to bring our technology to a number of exciting projects, and we wanted to share with you a few of the ways in which text to speech can be used both in development, and to enhance the gaming experience.

23/06/2014 CereProc partner with Swiss robotics group Devanthro

CereProc partner with Swiss robotics group Devanthro to deliver speech synthesis for humanoid robots

CereProc have donated seven TTS voices in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Brasilian Portuguese, and US and Irish English to the Devanthro Society. Devanthro co-ordinates the research efforts around the development of 'anthropomimetic' robots - inspired by natural optimisations observed in the study of human biology and evolution. The voices will be used to speech-enable 'Roboy', Devanthro's flagship childlike android.

15/05/2014 CHI 2014 Best Talk Award for CereProc's Matthew Aylett

Congratulations to CereProc's Chief Scientific Officer Matthew Aylett, who received the People's Choice Best Talk Award at CHI 2014 in Toronto for his presentation: 'None of a CHInd: Relationship Counselling for HCI and Speech Technology.'

09/05/14 CereProc text-to-speech at the frontline of new NHS telephone service

CereProc's flagship Scottish voice Stuart is the first point of contact for patients calling the new NHS telephone advice service in Scotland: 'NHS 111'.

01/05/14 The digital future of health and social care

At April's Digital Health conference (dHealth) in Stirling, industry insiders gathered to discuss a worrying fact: our current healthcare system will not be able to cope with our aging population. Talks focused on the provision of remote care for the elderly, cutting down on avoidable routine visits to the hospital and GP, and reducing the need for home visits by carers. This not only saves a small fortune in financial terms, it allows for more efficient use of staff time.

04/04/14 MyMyRadio: A free social music app powered by CereProc text-to-speech

MyMyRadio logoWe all know someone who finds it impossible to tear their eyes away from their phone - whether they're "working hard" on the stationary bike at the gym or leaving a risotto to fuse itself with the bottom of a saucepan on the hob. Perhaps that even describes you.

06/03/2014 World Book Day 2014: Whose line is it anyway?

26/02/2014 None of a CHInd: Relationship Counselling for HCI and Speech Technology (CHI 2014 Teaser)

CereProc's CSO Matthew Aylett has been busy getting ready to go to CHI in Toronto, where he will be presenting 3 papers. As well as a paper on augmented audio and a workshop paper, Matthew will be giving a fun talk in alt.chi about the often difficult relationship between HCI and speech technology. You can read the abstract and watch a short teaser trailer below:

19/02/2014 CereProc adds Brazilian Portuguese to its range of text to speech voices.

Following November's release of a female Portuguese voice, Lúcia, CereProc are pleased to announce the release of a male Brazilian Portuguese voice, Gabriel. Gabriel is the latest addition to a diverse range of languages and accents available for download and deployment across multiple platforms.

The voice can be heard in the live demobar at the top of this page and is available for download from the CereProc store for both Windows and Mac OSX.