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31/03/2015 CereVoice 3.2

The latest version of the award winning CereVoice text to speech systems has just been launched by CereProc.

The new version release 3.2 has been launched following CereProc's successful projects with Intel and other partners.

The latest version of CereVoice offers even higher quality, more natural sounding voices by using 48khz sampling rates and a range of quality improvements in other areas

CereVoice 3.2 offers:

  • 48khz sampling rates gives enhanced audio quality over a 22khz system.
  • High dynamic range output
  • Increased volume for audio support.
  • SSML audio tag support
  • A new faster state of the art text normalisation system.
  • Additional lexicon variations and abbreviations improvements over v3.1.
  • A Java wrapper for developers on CereVoice supported platforms.
  • Performance improvements for embedded systems.

Those using CereProc's TTS voices for work or pleasure will find the next generation of CereProc's natural sounding voices the most lifelike yet!