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01/11/2019 - My first month at CereProc.

Hey, I'm Jules, I started here at CereProc on September 23rd 2019. This post is about how I feel I'm settling in to the team.

I applied for CereProc around the end of July, after doing some research on the company. There were two key factors that drew me to apply for the job:

1. Their custom voice creation kit, which allowed those who were losing their voices to retain their vocal identity.
2. Their focus on voice synthesis, a topic I have been interested in for much of my life.

During my research, I learned that CereProc were the company that produced Hanson Robotics’ singing Sophia voice, and by that time, I was sold.

I have learned much whilst I have been here, both technical and business related, which is great as I always enjoy learning new things that I can put in to practice.

In terms of how I’m progressing, I believe that I’m learning at a reasonable pace, I’m beginning to do much of my own initiative rather than relying on instructions from my managers.

Learning about the specifics of CereProc’s products as well as learning about all the fascinating projects that our clients would require CereProc’s voices has been one of my most enjoyable experiences to date.

I have settled in well to the CereProc team and culture. I’m easily able to talk to anyone in the office about mostly any topic, which is comforting as I am quite talkative. I don’t feel any pressure about asking for help from any of my colleagues as I have yet to encounter any issues when asking for assistance or clarification.

I also feel like a valued member of the team – with responsibility, I get given jobs by my managers that relate to real clients, I get to sit in on meetings, help with research, I can assist in the creation of quotations, invoices and licenses. I feel trusted to carry out my job to the best of my ability.

I have learned a lot about the business world as well as the text-to-speech industry, and I am trying my best to improve my sales and support skills and feel like I am growing in confidence each day.

Overall, I am finding CereProc to be a great place to work, full of friendly people and interesting projects occurring daily. Whilst I can’t quite interact directly with business customers as of yet, I really look forward to the day that I’m able to proudly represent CereProc within the business world.