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13/02/2014 CereProc's Social Music App MyMyRadio on Evolver.fm

The CereProc team have been working on an exciting secret project: 'MyMyRadio'. MyMyRadio is a social music app for iOS, which takes updates from your Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds, synthesizes them using CereProc's text to speech technology, and slots these spoken updates into a playlist of your own music periodically. It's just like having your own personal DJ.

Evolver.fm's Eliot Van Buskirk tried out the beta version of MyMyRadio and wrote about it for their blog - you can read the article here: http://evolver.fm/2014/02/12/cereproc-puts-human-voice-in-music-app-to-r...

MyMyRadio is still under development, and we are currently looking for more testers. We'd love you to be one of them! You can download MyMyRadio for free here. Please contact francesca@cereproc.com for a feedback form.