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27/04/2010 - German Voices that are pleasant and interesting to listen to

Heidelberg/Rhine-Neckar, Edinburgh/Scotland 10th April 2010

CereVoices® Gudrun and Alex are Germany’s new, advanced synthetic voices for use on computers and other devices where the user requires high quality speech output. Developed with CereProc Ltd (UK), once more, the computer linguists of Speech Concept have proven their language skills: these CereVoices® are created from native, human voices and they sound exactly as the human would reading out the same text. CereVoices® can even show human emotions such as happiness, anger, sadness, or calmness.

Customers of these CereVoices® will get text-to-speech-voices of highest quality. These advanced voices will allow websites, texts, and documents on your PC or Mac to be read in a pleasant voice that will be interesting to the listener.

CereVoices® Gudrun and Alex are available as desktop voices for testing and download at www.cereproc.com/store, priced approximately 30€. Examples for listening are also available at www.speechconcept.com/cerevoice.

The CereVoices® can replace the existing older generation voices, which application software sometimes contains. The German voices are available for Windows and Apple OSX-based systems. CereVoices® Windows voices are compatible with MS SAPI5 and are supported by Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32 bit). The Apple OSX voices are available on Leopard and Snow Leopard running on Intel Macs. SpeechConcept's portfolio of synthesized CereVoices® in German will be increased throughout 2010– with other types of German voices being developed. SpeechConcept can also create cost effective exclusive voices for a company or organisation using CereVoice® technology from CereProc, ideal for organisations who wish to have a high quality voice associated with their brand or organisation.

For further information, contact info@cereproc.com