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About our Text to Speech

A text to speech (TTS) technology company, CereProc creates synthetic voices with character and personality that are designed to provide an engaging user experience and improved communication. Having developed the world's most advanced text to speech (TTS) technology and voice software, the UK-based technology company is a recognised leader in all aspects of speech technology.

CereProc works with a raft of companies, organisations, government bodies and academic institutions to develop innovative text to speech (TTS) products. CereProc creates speech synthesis systems that offer realistic voices - custom built voices, voices with emotion, and voices with regional accents - in multiple languages

CereProc: Patented Speech Technology

CereProc's core speech synthesis engine, CereVoice, has proven successful for use in Education, Healthcare, Robotics, Call Centre Communication, Voice Branding and Marketing, and across the Creative Arts industries.

Recently granted a patent for Emotional Speech Synthesis, the global TTS experts are passionate about text to speech and its widespread potential. Relentlessly committed to innovation in text to speech and voice creation research and development, CereProc consistently pushes market boundaries to expand its product range and service areas.

CereProc employs its patented technology to create realistic synthetic voices with emotion, character and personality.

CereProc: TTS Voices within the Arts

Offering voice software that is compatible for deployment on multiple platforms including mobile and embedded devices, desktops and servers as integrated voice applications (IVA), CereProc enables speech output from text for use in exhibition curation, audience engagement, animated film-making, and computer games development to name just a few areas within the Arts.

CereProc: Assistive Technology and Communication

Frequently deployed as Assistive Technology by healthcare and education authorities to improve an individual's ability to communicate through speech with the outside world, CereProc's advanced solutions retain elements of personality and individuality through accent or vocal character of synthetic speech. Improving independence for sufferers of illness or disability that affect speech output, CereProc creates custom built voices in multiple languages and regional accents for individuals.

By processing recorded material, CereProc has recreated voices for high profile individuals including film critic Roger Ebert, American Football player Steve Gleason, and Irish film producer Simon Fitzmaurice, enabling an even more realistic text to speech voice and retention of their personal identity.

Supplying text to speech voices for UK - Scotland and England - education systems, CereProc enables students to engage with a synthetic voice that boasts an accent similar to their own. Scottish children are given free access to CereProc's Scottish voice through the Scottish Voice programme, while students in England are given free access to similar voices with regional English accents.

CereProc: CereVoice Cloud

CereProc's latest project, CereVoice Cloud is a free text-to-speech (TTS) web service that provides developers with easy access to the CereVoice TTS engine, allowing any application to be speech enabled with CereProc's industry-leading TTS output. A simple yet powerful web service, the CereVoice Cloud can be integrated with just a few lines of code.