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16/10/2012 - CereProc's text-to-speech Obama and Romney Nutbots get Animated

Text to speech (TTS) experts CereProc, in partnership with Idyacy, have enhanced their Mitt Romney and Barack Obama chatbots - Presidential Nutbots (as featured at this year's Turing Festival in Edinburgh).

The Presidential Nutbots simulate the experience of chatting with the two presidential candidates, demonstrating CereProc's advanced speech synthesis technology through the medium of an interactive chatbot. Now, with a brand new HTML5 animation engine, the Nutbots are more realistic than ever.

The Nutbots illustrate CereProc's ability to use any audio recordings to create synthetic voices that are natural, full of expression and able to capture the tiny gestures and differences in speech delivery that identify personalities and characters.

An old CereProc and Idyacy favourite, the Bush-o-Matic, has also been updated, now that the ex-President is relaxing at home on his ranch.