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04/04/2013 - CereProc & Walsh Media partnership to revolutionise global voice branding market

2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year for CereProc, and we're delighted to announce a new partnership with U.S based professional voice solutions company, Walsh Media Inc.

Combining pioneering text-to-speech (TTS) technologies with Walsh Media's voice project management, the partnership aims to provide effective solutions for the corporate voice branding market. Marking a significant stage our growth, working with Walsh Media enables us to build our profile in the United States and strengthen our global operations, while also diversifying our commercial product offering.

Developing synthetic text-to-speech voices that are natural, emotional, and display the character of the voice artist is at the heart of what we do. This skill, when combined with Walsh Media's expertise in voice project management and huge bank of quality voice artists, enables any size of corporation to benefit from voice branding and improve customer engagement through enhanced communication.

Companies operating across a wide range of industries - from entertainment and service provision to robotics, healthcare and logistics - are being given the opportunity to adopt efficient and cost effective solutions designed to optimise end-to-end customer speech experience across multiple platforms, and ensure consistency of communication at every touch point.

Understanding the pivotal role played by language and the sounds associated with message delivery in terms of customer engagement, and acting on rising consumer expectations across an ever increasing range of digital channels, CereProc and Walsh Media will work together to bring a cutting edge solution to the global voice branding and customer communication markets.

Paul Welham, CEO at CereProc explained: "Securing a partnership with Walsh Media at this stage in our company's growth is absolutely crucial. As we move to ramp up our global operations, target new markets and pursue the voice branding industry more aggressively, Walsh Media - with its recognised expertise in providing professional voice solutions for some of the world's largest brands - was a natural fit for us."

Enabling companies to blend Walsh Media's quality voice project management services with CereProc's advanced TTS technology to create a sound that is consistent with its brand and message - with a legacy independent of the selected voice artist - the partnership improves the efficiency of the voice branding process and provides a cost effective solution where speech output of a particular voice artist, or regional accent, is required.

"With consumer demands progressing and affecting a greater number of channels, not to mention increasing pressure to justify budgets and marketing spend, we believe this partnership serves to provide an effective solution for brands seeking to shape their customers' experiences through sound and language. Using TTS technology, brands are able to harness Walsh Media's valuable services to create an emotive brand experience that can be adapted and used as part of long term strategies that lasts as long as the voice remains relevant to the brand." Welham added.

Walsh Media is a leading provider of voice project management for a variety of applications, and counts Persona Design, Touch Tone and Speech Rec IVR support, Call Center recording support, web audio, audio for professional communications and eLearning among its specialisms. Customers include some of the largest financial, insurance, utility, retail, technology and entertainment companies in the world.

"Matching our team in terms of energy and commitment, and with a similar understanding regarding the importance of customer experience at every touch point and across every platform, we're confident that working with Walsh Media will bring success and opportunity for both companies as brands become more concerned with the way in which the world hears them." Welham concluded.

Tim Walsh commented, "The Customer Experience is rising to top awareness. It has such an impact on customer loyalty and satisfaction that all enhancements to this effort are critical in differentiating your company from the pack. Integrating technologies across the enterprise unifies the customer experience and provides the smoother flow to create a stronger trust in the processes. Their perception of this cohesive presentation creates an emotion that shapes the quality of their experience. CereProc's technology will bring new dimensions to Walsh Media's efforts in creating a truly great Customer Experience."

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