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Virtual assistants, robotics and computer systems that respond through speech are becoming increasingly commonplace in our everyday lives. One of the most frustrating features of ‘Smart’ assistants and robots is the time it takes to respond. Every time you ask a question it takes seconds to find an answer, seconds to process and then, finally, it speaks.

CereProc believe that, for these systems to truly step beyond novelty, that there is a clear requirement to speed up the process. And indeed, move beyond that to predicting the results before you have even finished speaking, resulting in a more human like vocal interaction and, therefore to the human ear, a more intuitive and personal conversation.

CereChat is CereProc’s Conversational follower system, which can take a scripted conversation and respond rapidly with a flow that before was only possible with human intervention. CereChat monitors the human speaker, will prepare a response while the human is still speaking, and respond appropriately. This can include interruptions, filling in the blanks and any other interactions that can be mapped out in a script.

This could have huge repercussions in the customer service field, where the responses can be mapped out, and the IVR system can respond in near real time. Frustration that could arise from a seeming lack of response can now be alleviated, and as a result the system can process more users / clients.

In social robotics as well, there is often a pause while systems process voice input, which gives everything an artificial edge. With the CereChat system, the robot can immediately respond with the cadence of a real human conversation, encouraging people to respond more positively and naturally while to speaking to it.

CereChat Example:

As of now CereChat is only available via request, so please contact: sales@cereproc.com to discuss your needs.