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11/02/2013 - CereProc's Wonder Emporium of Text-to-Speech - Hubavubing Fubun Wubith Lubangubuage (Having fun with language)

Pig Latin Voice Search for Android Announced by Google's Siknah Chehab.

No, we haven’t gone mad. Pig latin is a children's language game whereby normal speech is modified by adding extra syllables and reversing some sounds. With some practise it is possible to generate and understand speech that has been modified in this way, and the technique forms the basis of a set of 'secret' languages. The title is not in Pig Latin but in a language called Ubbi Dubbi, popularised by the PBS program in the US, Zoom.

With Google leading the way with its Pig Latin vocal search, CereProc thought it only fair to create a mobile app for Android users so that they can embrace this most fabulous language - it is available for free from Google Play.

Below are some synthesisers to demonstrate just a few of these languages. Can you tell which language is which and what is being said?

sound iconSecret Language 1
What language is this?

sound iconSecret Language 2
What language is this?

sound iconSecret Language 3
What language is this?

The ability of computers to both understand and generate language gives enormous scope for this sort of playfulness.

This little video plays the audio while highlighting the original text.

Getting serious for a moment, we believe this is a great way of learning how to speak and understand all sorts of languages, as well as Ubbi Dubbi, as it enables you to become immersed in your chosen language. Our team may not be native English, Spanish, Catalan, German, French, Austrian, Italian, Romanian, Mandarin or Japanese speakers, but we can certainly produce some very effective speech output in those languages using our technology!

Wubehubope yubou ubenjuboyed ubour ubexhubiubutis!

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