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23/08/2012 - Text to speech experts CereProc set to showcase Presidential Nutbots at Turing Festival 2012

A team from text to speech (TTS) company CereProc is set to present a live demonstration of its Mitt Romney and Barack Obama chatbots - Presidential Nutbots - at this year’s Turing Festival in Edinburgh.

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26/07/2012 - CereProc offers Android users a Scottish accent

Text to speech (TTS) expert CereProc has introduced a female Scottish accent to its wide range of English language synthetic voices for Android.

Joining a cast of US, Irish, and male Scottish English voices currently available on Google Play, the female Scottish voice - Heather - offers an emotional and characterful voice to any TTS enabled application that requires speech output.

17/07/2012 - CereProc on Scribd

Research and development is a fundamental part of CereProc's operations. In order to make our research more accessible, we’ve created a profile on Scribd. We will continue to upload any text-to-speech (TTS) technology research papers or speeches that we believe may be useful to those interested in the industry.

20/06/2012 - Text to speech expert CereProc adds two youthful accents to its range of English commercial synthetic voices

Leading text to speech company, CereProc, has added male Southern English and female Northern English accents to its wide range of English language synthetic voices, making them available for download and deployment across multiple platforms using Windows, Mac OS X, CereVoice Cloud, SDK or cServer products.

14/06/2012 - Giving the Web a Voice: text to speech specialist CereProc opens its CereVoice Cloud software-as-a-service to the public

Speech synthesis technology company CereProc has launched its powerful text to speech (TTS) CereVoice Cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) into public beta, providing developers needing speech output, fast and easy access to the advanced CereVoice text to speech engine on any platform.

CereProc's cloud based service enables application developers to integrate speech into their applications without having to install a TTS engine, keeping implementation costs and integration time to a minimum for a quality TTS system.

08/06/2012 - Animated film creation revolutionised by toolkit developed by Fanchinima AB, CereProc, and KTH collaboration

Announcing the forthcoming launch of innovative video creation toolkit to public beta stage, Fanchinima AB - in collaboration with text to speech (TTS) company CereProc,and KTH Centre for Speech Technology - aims to revolutionise advanced animated film making by blending expertise, respective software and text to speech technologies.

01/06/2012 - WWL-TV report on Steve Gleason's plea to help ALS sufferers

WWL-TV of New Orleans have a great report on Steve Gleason's appearance at the UN Social Innovation Summit. CereProc have been working with Steve Gleason to bank his voice and create a text-to-speech Steve to use with accessibility software.

31/05/2012 - John Hayes MP announces launch of JISC TechDis text to speech voices by CereProc

Leading UK advisory service JISC TechDis has today formally launched TechDis Voices, two synthetic voices - created in partnership with text to speech (TTS) company, CereProc - developed for use in the education system throughout England, at the Go On: National Digital Conference (NDC2012) in London.

04/16/2012 - Interesting article on CereProc's work with Roger Ebert

Leading text to speech (TTS) company CereProc is featured in an interesting article on smartplanet.com, discussing the company's work with Roger Ebert, the Tupac hologram and digital immortality.

The article can be read here:


03/04/2012 - CereProc partners with Voice Business to give the Austrian Postal Service a voice

Global leader in text to speech technology, CereProc, has created the world's first Austrian text to speech (TTS) voice together with Telecommunications Research Centre Vienna (FTW), partnering with Voice Business to deliver an advanced track and trace system for the Austrian Mail Service.