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26/02/2014 None of a CHInd: Relationship Counselling for HCI and Speech Technology (CHI 2014 Teaser)

CereProc's CSO Matthew Aylett has been busy getting ready to go to CHI in Toronto, where he will be presenting 3 papers. As well as a paper on augmented audio and a workshop paper, Matthew will be giving a fun talk in alt.chi about the often difficult relationship between HCI and speech technology. You can read the abstract and watch a short teaser trailer below:

It's an old story. A relationship built on promises turns to bitterness and recriminations. But speech technology has changed: Yes, we know we hurt you, we know things didn't turn out the way we hoped, but can't we put the past behind us? We need you, we need design. And you? You need us. How can you fulfill a dream of pervasive technology without us? So let's look at what went wrong. Let's see how we can fix this thing. For the sake of little Siri, she needs a family. She needs to grow into more than a piece of PR, and maybe, if we could only work out our differences, just maybe, think of the magic we might make together.

Let us know if you're planning to be in attendance at CHI this April by tweeting @cereproc