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30/07/2015 CereProc's First Geordie TTS Voice

National Star College student, Lewis Fisher has had cerebral palsy from a very young age and is also unable to speak. Lewis has used assitive technology throughout his life: with an eye tracker aid he is able to use text to speech to communicate with others. However, Lewis was never particularly a big fan of the standard TTS voice provided on his device as it did not reflect his Newcastle roots. With the help of his friends and family he was able to find a donor that would provide him with the Geordie voice he wanted.

Once Lewis found the voice that fitted his needs, his friend (also voice donor) started recording using CereVoice Me. After the process was completed CereProc was able to build the first Geordie accented TTS voice in the UK. Now Lewis is able to use his TTS voice everyday and he hopes he will gain more attention from the ladies with his new voice. Catch him on Good Morning Britain sharing his chat up lines! Or You can read about Lewis's experience with his new TTS voice on the Mirror .

Lewis also participated in BBC3's new television series, The Unbreakables documenting 15 NSC's students' stories, on their experience of being a young person with a disability. If you are intrigued to find out how Lewis gets on with his new TTS voice, watch him on The Unbreakables which airs tonight on BBC3 at 9pm.