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02/09/2015 Jack & Jess Are No Longer Available from HEA

In 2012, JISC TechDisc and CereProc collaborated to create two synthetic voices, Jack and Jess, to encourage the use of text-to-speech tools among students, staff and life-long learners throughout the eduction system in England. The aim of the two voices was to help enhance the learning process for users and they were made freely available to post-16 learners in education in England.

In December 2014, JISC TechDisc underwent reorganisation and responsibility for the Jack and Jess voices passed to the Higher Education Academy. Sadly, CereProc's partnership with the Higher Education Academy has come to an end and those in education will no longer have access to the two TTS voices for free. The Jack and Jess voices are still available on CereProc's Webstore for those wishing to use them.