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17/07/2015 CereProc's TTS voices used to teach English.

CereProc's text to speech voices are often regarded as a practical teaching tool; CereProc's English TTS voices in particular have been acting as assistants for those who are teaching English as a foreign language.

ESL teacher Tommy Zai has been using Adam and Katherine to help teach English to his Chinese Students. Mr Zai said of his decision to use CereProcs' voices as part of his teaching:"I teach several classes a day in dusty conditions and struggle to keep my voice fresh and healthy; yet, I the students need to listen to native speaking in order to emulate the correct pronunciation, articulation, enunciation, inflection, etc. I desperately needed an assistant to share the speaking load, but there were none to be found. I tried using my laptops built-in voices, but they were robotic and far from a natural dialect. I was on my own until I discovered CereProc’s Text-to-Speech. By using voices similar to my own dialect, I am now able to teach students oral English and rest my weary voice. CereProc voices are a wonderful tool. I not only use them in class, but also for proofreading my lessons".

Youtuber Abraham Salisbury's channel FluentFast vlogs his progress in learning Vietnamese as well as creating educational videos to help Vietnamese speakers learn English. To help enhance the learning process for his viewers, Mr Salisbury videos focus on him conversing with CereProc's Hannah.

Salisbury's feedback on CereProc's TTS voices; "I reviewed a lot of text to speech options, but didn't find anything that I thought could be used for my videos that teach English until I found the CereProc voices. I was immediately impressed with how natural and real-life they sound. The audio sounds significantly more advanced and real-life than anything I'd heard anywhere else.

Listen to CereProc's TTS voices here.