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03/08/2015 Your Call.....World Premiere

Last year a cast of CereProc's TTS voices had taken to the stage for Your Call Part 1 by Kevin Jones; "One women perpetually plugged into a digital world unravelling as she listens - the comically surreal world of Your Call - a music theatre work that uses technology to explore the rocky terrain of our relationship to that technology,an ever more intimate, indispensable, sometimes intrusive presence in our lives.

After the success they received last year, Your Call have been invited back to present the world première of the complete opera as part of the 2015 Tête à Tête Opera Festival in London. This time expect Your Call to have a bigger cast and more intricate choreography, delving deeper into the psyche of one women lost in the digital world. And of course CereProc's TTS voices will be a major feature in the play so keep your ears out for CereProc's voices.

Jones on the success of the play: "What began almost three years ago as my experiments composing with synthetic speech become an hour long music/theatre piece - a work of which I am very proud."

Catch the complete performance of Your Call at the Tête à Tête Opera Festival in London on the 8th - 9th August 2015, get your ticket here.