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17/12/2013 - An android walks into a bar: CereProc and The Gadget Show present the world's first robot stand-up

“That's a nice shirt you're wearing, did your motherboard dress you?”

Armed with the power of CereProc's text-to-speech, Robojase - the mechanical doppelganger of The Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury - is indisputably a master of deadpan delivery. But whether or not Jimmy Carr et. al. need be concerned about their job security just yet, the challenge of delivering a text-to-speech stand-up set live in front of a paying and unsuspecting audience made for a fascinating experiment. Robojase is equipped with the capability to recognise, categorise, and learn from audience reactions, and he tailors his material accordingly. Armed with data from a handful of 'dry runs' in front of tech-loving audiences at The Gadget Show Live, Robojase took on a very different crowd at Birmingham's Glee Club. Watch the video below to find out how he got on:

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Robojase's comedy debut was featured in Series 18, Episode 10 of The Gadget Show.