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CereProc Announces Three Major Orders for Speech Synthesis Products

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CereProc, the Scottish Edinburgh-based speech synthesis IT company, is pleased to announce the order of 4 custom made voices by the Hidden Differences Group (HDG) for use with CereVoice. The first voice in this six-figure order has already been created and released to HDG. HDG and CereProc Ltd have had a strategic alliance in place since January 2007. Commenting on the order - Paul Welham, CEO of CereProc Ltd, said

"We have been very impressed with HDG's technology and their work in the field of helping people with dyslexia use the internet. In addition, their approach to business always shows great innovation."

He also added:

"In the future our relationship with HDG will expand to enable HDG to be able to build their own designer voices for their customers - using CereProc's core technology under license".

CereProc has also announced a deal to create an exclusive local accented voice for an Art Gallery based in the West Midlands with co-lab projects. Kevin Carter of co-lab projects commented

"We chose CereProc to work with on this project due to two key factors, their flexible approach to working with us and their great enthusiasm to bring high quality designer speech synthesis to a wider audience by offering realistic prices".

CereProc is pleased to say that in August 2007 the company shipped a custom made American female voice to Ford's Research and Advanced Engineering organisation in Detroit MI.

About CereProc

CereVoice is an advanced text-to-speech engine incorporating the latest research in speech technologies. CereVoice produces speech output that is both emotional and characterful in content, thereby allowing users to listen to long periods of synthetic speech produced from any source, without becoming bored or distracted by the lack of human character of the speech.

CereProc has developed an advanced voice creation process that reduces the time and cost needed to create new voices for CereVoice, while its CereProc Scuer application enables the fast production of studio quality prompts that sound real, have character and emotion, and can be inserted into any application that requires speech output.

CereProc directors and staff are all recognized as leaders in their field and the company works with partners such as the Centre for Speech Technology Research at the University of Edinburgh, as well as with the Edinburgh-Stanford Link, a research technology fund that invests in speech and language developments at the University of Edinburgh and Stanford University in California. CereProc is also engaged in a joint development project with Barcelona Media to create a bi-lingual Catalan and Castilian (Spanish) version of CereVoice.

CereProc is the proud recipient of 2 Scottish Executive SMART Award grants, which were awarded to the company to fund research and development on its pioneering technology.

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