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CereProc Announces 100% Revenue Increase For 2008 plus a major partnership with ATR of Japan

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1. CereProc, the Scottish Edinburgh-based speech synthesis IT Company, is pleased to report that trading figures up until the end of September 2008 (end of 3rd quarter) - already show a 100% increase on revenue over the full financial year of 2007. Commenting, CereProc CEO Paul Welham said - "This is a great achievement by the team and reflects CereProc's growing reputation as a provider of innovative and advanced synthetic speech solutions at market beating prices". He added "orders from the US have significantly assisted in this result".

2. CereProc has also announced a partnership with ATR (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International - see http://www.atr.co.jp/index_e.html) of Japan to have UK development rights for the ATR Straight Vocoder - plus world wide marketing rights for CereProc solutions built using the technology. This advanced technology collaboration will enable CereProc to produce cost effective synthetic voices for the hybrid CereVoice system announced at LangTech 2008 (Rome) by Dr M.Aylett and Dr J.Yamagishi (a CereProc associate see http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/jyamagis). Dr Aylett said on announcing this agreement "The partnership agreement with ATR clearly recognises CereProc and the team we have built up in Edinburgh, as a leading European provider of innovative synthetic speech solutions. Our association with ATR will enable CereProc in 2009 to bring even more exciting products to market through our existing Reseller channels. CereProc will now be able copy the speech and intonation of a speaker with as little as 10 minutes of data, and produce quality voices with the same intelligibility as natural speakers".

3. CereProc are also pleased to announce significant orders in Q3 2008 from Next I.T. (USA) and a specialist UK educational software publisher. Next I.T. Next IT has been delivered a CereVoice Voice Creation kit to produce voices from existing data for their customers and the educational software publisher have licensed various CereVoice voices to be included with a number of their packages. In addition CereProc is in the process of building 4 exclusive voices for another UK software company.

About CereProc Ltd

CereProc is privately owned and a leading speech synthesis developer, with research and development facilities in Edinburgh Scotland and a commercial HQ in London England.

CereVoice is a new generation Text To Speech (TTS) engine that CereProc has designed and built, incorporating the latest research in speech technologies. The CereVoice system is now available in two variants - a pure Unit-Selection system, suitable for high volume telephony solutions and as a hybrid system using an innovative combination of a unit selection and parametric engine, for those markets where reduced cost is of vital importance. CereVoice produces speech output that is both emotional and characterful in content, thereby allowing users to listen to long periods of synthetic speech produced from any source, without becoming bored or distracted by the lack of human character of the speech.

CereProc has advanced voice creation processes that reduce the time and cost needed to create new voices for CereVoice, while its CereProc Scuer application enables the fast production of studio quality prompts that sound real and have character and emotion and that can be inserted into any application that requires speech output.

CereProc directors and staff are all recognized as leaders in their field and the company works with partners such as the Centre for Speech Technology research at the University of Edinburgh (www.cstr.ed.ac.uk), as well as with the Edinburgh-Stanford Link (www.eslink.org), a research technology fund that invests in speech and language developments at the University of Edinburgh and Stanford University, in California.

CereProc is engaged in a joint development project with Barcelona Media (http://www.upf.edu/iuc/english/index.htm) to create a bi-lingual Catalan and Castilian (Spanish) version of CereVoice.

CereProc is engaged in a joint development project with SpeechConcept to create a German version of CereVoice.

CereProc is the proud recipient of 2 Scottish Executive SMART Award grants, which were awarded to the company to fund research and development on its pioneering technology.

For further media enquires, please contact Alex at alex@cereproc.com or call 0131 650 4454.