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Ultime notizie & blog

28/06/2011 - New CereProc American male voice

CereProc's new American male voice, Adam, has now been released.

It is available from the CereProc webstore for both Windows: http://www.cereproc.com/en/node/445 and Mac OSX: http://www.cereproc.com/en/node/446.

The Windows versions of the voice are supported on both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows. 64bit versions of other CereProc voices will be released shortly.

27/04/2011 - CBS News article on synthesized speech

CBS News published this article: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/04/26/scitech/main20057552.shtml discussing developments in synthesized speech, and in particular, CereProc's work with Roger Ebert. Matthew Aylett, CTO of CereProc, was interviewed for the article.

14/04/2011 - Roger Ebert at TED2011

Roger Ebert gave a great talk at TED2011, in which he discussed remaking his voice. You can hear samples of the voice built for him by CereProc during the course of the talk.

08/03/2011 - NYTimes blog on CereProc and Roger Ebert

Jennifer 8 Lee blogs in the New York Times on CereProc, Roger Ebert and Comic Delivery, using text to speech. You can read her blog here:


26/01/2011 - CereProc on ABC News

ABC News highlighted CereProc's work to build a new voice for Roger Ebert in an article about Roger's new TV show. You can read the feature here:


07/01/2011 - CereProc on CBS Sunday Morning show

The CBS Sunday Morning show broadcast a feature about Roger Ebert and his new voice from CereProc last Sunday. You can watch the feature here:


07/01/2011 - CereProc meets Jesse Draper the Valley Girl

Edinburgh, Scotland, 7th January 2011

Matthew Aylett, CTO of CereProc, talked to Jesse Draper - the Valley Girl, during her recent visit to Scotland. You can, like, totally watch the result here:


12/11/2010 - CereProc in E&T Magazine

CereProc's voice-creation technology is discussed in the latest edition of the Institution of Engineering and Technology's E&T magazine, in an article on the use of speech-generating software for motor neurone disease sufferers. The article can be read here: http://kn.theiet.org/magazine/issues/1017/speech-generating-software-1017.cfm

14/07/2010 - World's first Austrian text-to-speech voice

CereProc are pleased to announce the release of the world's first commercially-available Austrian text-to-speech voice. The voice, named "Leopold", was developed in a collaboration between CereProc, Vienna-based communications research centre, FTW (http://www.ftw.at), and Speech Concept (http://www.speechconcept.com), CereProc's German partner.

16/09/2010 - Computer sprechen Österreichisch – „Leopold“ gibt es jetzt zu kaufen

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Die im interdisziplinären Forschungsprojekt Wiener Soziolekt- und Dialektsynthese vom FTW Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien entwickelte Österreichische Computerstimme „Leopold“ liest seit einigen Monaten bereits die Inhalte des Webauftritts der Stadt Wien. Jetzt gibt es „Leopold“ im Webshop der Firma CereProc (http://www.cereproc.com/de/store) als Desktopversion für Windows und Apple zu kaufen (49,99 €).