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12/11/2010 - CereProc in E&T Magazine

CereProc's voice-creation technology is discussed in the latest edition of the Institution of Engineering and Technology's E&T magazine, in an article on the use of speech-generating software for motor neurone disease sufferers. The article can be read here: http://kn.theiet.org/magazine/issues/1017/speech-generating-software-1017.cfm

14/07/2010 - World's first Austrian text-to-speech voice

CereProc are pleased to announce the release of the world's first commercially-available Austrian text-to-speech voice. The voice, named "Leopold", was developed in a collaboration between CereProc, Vienna-based communications research centre, FTW (http://www.ftw.at), and Speech Concept (http://www.speechconcept.com), CereProc's German partner.

16/09/2010 - Computer sprechen Österreichisch – „Leopold“ gibt es jetzt zu kaufen

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Die im interdisziplinären Forschungsprojekt Wiener Soziolekt- und Dialektsynthese vom FTW Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien entwickelte Österreichische Computerstimme „Leopold“ liest seit einigen Monaten bereits die Inhalte des Webauftritts der Stadt Wien. Jetzt gibt es „Leopold“ im Webshop der Firma CereProc (http://www.cereproc.com/de/store) als Desktopversion für Windows und Apple zu kaufen (49,99 €).

14/07/2010 - CereProc en Français!

En commémoration du 221ème anniversaire de la révolution française, CereProc publie aujourd'hui sa première voix francophone, nommée Suzanne. La voix pour Windows SAPI est disponible dès aujourd'hui dans notre boutique en ligne. Une version pour Mac OSX sera disponible très prochainement.

CereProc annonce également la publication de son site web en langue française.

14/07/2010 - CereProc release their first French voice

Today, CereProc release their first French-language voice, called Suzanne. The voice is available for download from the CereProc store for Microsoft Windows. A Mac OSX version will be available very soon.

27/04/2010 - German Voices that are pleasant and interesting to listen to

Heidelberg/Rhine-Neckar, Edinburgh/Scotland 10th April 2010

CereVoices® Gudrun and Alex are Germany’s new, advanced synthetic voices for use on computers and other devices where the user requires high quality speech output. Developed with CereProc Ltd (UK), once more, the computer linguists of Speech Concept have proven their language skills: these CereVoices® are created from native, human voices and they sound exactly as the human would reading out the same text. CereVoices® can even show human emotions such as happiness, anger, sadness, or calmness.

22/04/2010 - CereProc release cServer via their Webstore

Today, CereProc release cServer, their client/server architecture for speech application deployments, via the CereProc Webstore.

The cServer and client are supported on Linux and Windows and each voice is available with 22kHz or 8kHz sample rates.

The accompanying license permits the user to use 2 simultaneous channels of text to speech for twelve months from the date of purchase

cServer is priced at £394.99 for the 2 simultaneous channels of text to speech for 12 months and is available in the webstore for purchase and immediate download.

15/03/2010 - CereProc and Aristech release their first German voices

Edinburgh, Scotland & Heidelberg, Germany, 15/03/10

Today, CereProc and Aristech release their first German language voices, a male voice called Alex and a female voice called Gudrun. The voices can be heard in the live demobar at the top of this page. Both voices are available for download from the CereProc store for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OSX.

15/03/2010 - CereProc und Aristech führen die ersten deutschen Stimmen ein

Edinburgh/Scotland, Heidelberg/Germany, 15.03.10

Aristech und CereProc haben heute ihre ersten deutschen Stimmen auf den Markt gebracht. "Gudrun" und "Alex" können in dem Demofeld auf dieser Seite live getestet werden. Sie stehen zum Download im CereProc Webshop für MS Windows und Apple Mac OSX ab sofort zur Verfügung.

03/03/2010 - CereProc on Oprah and CBS

CereProc's project to build a voice for leading film critic Roger Ebert has attracted huge media interest around the world this week.

Roger can be seen demonstrating his new voice on the Oprah Winfrey Show here

Matthew Aylett, CereProc's Chief Technical Officer was interviewed by CBS's The Early Show yesterday (2nd March 2010).

The first part of the interview can be seen here