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CereProc’s Commitment to Ethical AI Usage

CereProc is an AI company that, at its core, believes that:

• Technology should only be used for the benefit of humanity.
• That humans should be a key part in the creation and implementation of speech technologies.
• These speech technologies should always offer significant positive benefits to end users, particularly those with physical disabilities.

CereProc are passionate that in the case of professional voice artists / actors, where their future livelihood is dependent on both their image and their voice, that they have the right not have their voice cloned from material “scraped” from the web.

All voice cloning should be with the voice artists / actors consent only and that they should have the right to control who uses their synthetic voice. That is why CereProc is the only company giving voice artist / actors the ability to clone their voice and be able to determine who has access to the synthetic voice and what YOUR synthetic voice says.

CereProc does not want a future where voice artists / actors are no longer valued or lose their livelihood to AI powered systems controlled by Tech Giants.

At CereProc, we understand that at the heart of every AI system, there is both intellectual property and content, that has been created by a person and digitised to be used in a Large Language Model (LLM) to create a replica of that human voice.

That is why CereProc ensures that all our voice training data has been licensed from legitimate sources and voice artists / actors that CereProc have contracted.
CereProc is committed to never using your personal data for training other models, it will never be sold, and it will never be outside of your control.

If you create a clone of YOUR voice with CereProc, your voice data will only be used to create YOUR synthetic voice. If you request the voice data destroyed, and/or your synthetic voice to be removed, CereProc will ensure that it is deleted.

CereProc commits to:

1. Only allowing cloning of a person’s voice, with that person’s explicit and verified consent.
2. Allowing that person control over their own data, up to and including deleting the data if requested.
3. Not providing any element the voice artists / actors data set to any other third party (unless provided explicit and verified consent from the person).
4. Not using the persons data to create further voice models (unless provided explicit and verified consent from the person).
5. In the case that a Voice Clone is created, the person will have exclusive usage rights to the Voice Clone (unless provided explicit and verified consent otherwise).

If you have any questions on CereProc’s stance on ethical AI, please feel free to email sales@cereproc.com with any queries you may have.