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23/06/2014 CereProc partner with Swiss robotics group Devanthro

CereProc partner with Swiss robotics group Devanthro to deliver speech synthesis for humanoid robots

CereProc have donated seven TTS voices in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Brasilian Portuguese, and US and Irish English to the Devanthro Society. Devanthro co-ordinates the research efforts around the development of 'anthropomimetic' robots - inspired by natural optimisations observed in the study of human biology and evolution. The voices will be used to speech-enable 'Roboy', Devanthro's flagship childlike android.

Roboy is the product of a collaboration between industry and academic experts, with each partner contributing highly-specialized knowledge, skills, and tools to a specific part of the development process. Roboy is already able to pull human-like facial expressions; thanks to this partnership with CereProc, whose patented emotional synthesis technology allows their voices to express different emotions, he'll have a voice to match.

Roboy will be making his first public appearance with his new voice at the 40th anniversary event for German technology publication Computerwoche on June 25th.