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30/10/2016 CereProc proudly presents – new voices, languages and more in the latest version of CereVoice V4.0

CereProc are delighted to announce that V4.0 of CereVoice has now been released.

V4.0 is based on the following;

- Extensive customer collaboration and input.

- Market research on required features.

- Introduction of new technical research that CereProc has undertaken to optimise the system and further improve voice quality.

V4.0 is a major release and introduces a host of new features, system improvements, voices and languages.

Voice file size has been significantly reduced in V4.0 and the voices sound better than ever according to our extensive testing, due to improved prosody and lexicon updates that have been incorporated.

Here’s an overview of what’s new;

- More languages (Swedish, US Spanish + more to follow in V4.1 and V4.2)

- High quality new voices (CereVoice Megan – US English and CereVoice Ana –US Spanish)

- Developed with University of Southern California ICT - 2 new child voices (CereVoice Jordan and Andy – US English)

- Apple OSX El Capitan and Sierra support

- Additional features in the lexicon ( plus PLS support) and text processing

- Smaller voice file footprint and improved smoothness

- Additional support for Microsoft Speech API

- Additional support for Android based systems

- Android SDK includes Android Studio example project

- HTS Parametric system improvements which are unique to CereProc’s system

- New high performance compression codec

- iOS app thinning support

- Python wave string support

Plus overall ease of use improvements throughout CereVoice system as requested by actual users of the system.

Existing users can download the new version from their user account on the CereProc website. You can test the new voices using the demo bar at the top each page on our website.

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch – email sales@cereproc.com