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Happy holidays from CereProc

2016 has been a year to remember, mostly for upsetting reasons… But it hasn’t been all bad so let’s try to focus on the positive and here’s hoping 2017 comes up trumps!

Here’s a quick round up of CereProc’s achievements. Big thank you to all our customers and partners for making it a great year!

  • CereProc won a prestigious tender to develop a voice for the Swedish Government. Ylva voice is now ready and will be available at the beginning of the next year.
  • We teamed up with Intel and Oakley to develop a voice for Oakley’s new Radar Pace smart sunglasses.
  • YouTube legend PewDiePie recorded a TTS voice for the PewDieBot
  • Version 4 of CereVoice was released which introduced a host of new features and system improvements. Voice file size has been significantly reduced in V4.0 and the voices sound better than ever according to our extensive testing, due to improved prosody and lexicon updates that have been incorporated.
  • We partnered with some brilliant games companies and made CereVoice available for Xbox and Playstation 4.
  • CereProc released four new high quality voices - Megan (US English), Ana (US Spanish), Jordan and Andy (US child voices).
  • We’ve been hard at work developing voices in new languages and will be releasing Polish and Russian early next year, with more to follow.
  • At the beginning of the year, we created six new language systems for LG Electronics. CereProc have worked extensively with LGE in the past and this latest collaboration should see CereProc voices in several new languages in the coming year.
  • CereVoice Me voice cloning service is now multilingual.
  • CereProc team in Edinburgh moved into larger offices with a purpose-built recording studio.
  • Last but not least, our research team produced some brilliant work in 2016:

- Interspeech 2016 - Idlak Tangle: An Open Source Kaldi Based Parametric Speech Synthesiser based on DNN

- Computer Human Interaction and UK Speech - Don't Say Yes, Say Yes: Interacting with Synthetic Speech Using Tonetable

- International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents - Cross Modal Evaluation of High Quality Emotional Speech Synthesis with the Virtual Human Toolkit

Happy holidays from everyone at CereProc and see you next year!