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17/12/2018 - Krotos Case study - CereProc enters the game market!

CereProc has worked together with Krotos to create a set of a new exciting group of Text-To-Speech voices that were inspired by popular fantasy and sci-fi characters in modern culture.

The project has expanded CereProc’s extensive voice library even further and taken our voices into a new direction, offering specific voices for the gaming market, or simply just pure fun. The new voices include goblin, pixie, ghost, robot and demon. The voices were created by CereProc using existing award-winning CereVoice voices to create new characters and using Krotos’s signature voice morphing plugin Dehumaniser II. Some characters were based on CereProc’s extensive knowledge of regional accents, which is displayed clearly in the characterful goblin from the Midlands. The combination of CereVoice and the Dehumaniser II has the potential to generate thousands of unique fantasy voices, so our customers can give their game a thousand voices.

One of the challenges confronting the CereProc lead engineer for the project was maintaining intelligibility through processing, as the voice-morphing software tended to degrade speech clarity. Through innovative techniques, the experienced CereProc team hit the perfect balance between expression, character and usability in a wide range of applications.

Our fantasy voices successfully hit the market in December and sparked the imagination of our customers by bringing any character to life in a game or other interactive media. Furthermore, these voices can be immediately integrated into any game development and game developers can benefit from this style of voice system by cutting down on voice-over costs. This provides memory resources and promotes user engagement, immersing the player in the game. CereProc is proud to be involved in this project and look forward to creating more fun custom-made voices for your games.

So, contact our sales team today!

Listen to our fantasty voices here