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10/07/2019 - Why commercial companies can’t afford to ignore the benefits of TTS!

CereProc has been in the text-to-speech (TTS) industry since 2005 and has always recognised the potential of the technology. Our team of experts have harnessed developments in TTS and has created a range of diverse voices for many innovative applications. TTS technology has gone way beyond the use of assistive applications and has the potential to increase commercial companies return on investment by a significant margin.

Accessibility of your products and services is a huge part of any commercial business. The use of screen readers is becoming increasingly popular making products accessible to underserved demographics such as non-native speakers, visually impaired adults and consumers with literacy issues. Providing an engaging user experience using characterful voices widens the target audience of a business and increases sales.

The use of TTS also increases brand awareness and enhances the overall message of businesses. CereProc’s custom voice service shows the power of TTS by representing your individual brand rather than the brands of the technology giants. Our customised voices are created to enrich the user experience, creating custom genres to convey personality traits for specific applications. A perfect example of this is the voice designed for Intel for their personal training system built into Oakley Radar pace sunglasses. The custom motivated speech genre was created specific to a coaching interaction. This not only created a unique branding experience but saved on the long-term costs of additional recordings.

Voice is becoming increasingly important on device and that’s why we have made our voices available on multiple platforms. TTS has advanced to a degree that it can virtually work with every personal device and businesses cannot afford to miss such an opportunity. CereProc firmly believes that TTS changes and will continue to change the way we use technology. The future lies in TTS being used more and more in our daily lives from talking fridges to avatar doctors. CereProc is excited about the future of TTS and is looking forward to being involved in breaking the status quo with ground breaking technology.