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31/05/2013 - Digital Shoreditch 2013: Celebrating outstanding creativity

Over the past 10 days, Digital Shoreditch Festival 2013 has brought together top individuals and companies from the digital community in the UK, inviting them to come to East London - the firmly established tech hub - to share ideas, discuss challenges and celebrate some of the most exciting projects being created at the moment.

With a focus on celebrating outstanding creativity, Digital Shoreditch 2013 - #DS13 - curated a programme of events, meetups, sessions, workshops, panel discussions alongside lots of entertainment and general merriment to get creative juices flowing and spark discussion among the crowd of digital pioneers.

Some of CereProc’s team has been there making the most of opportunities to learn, share our expertise and learnings, and talk to peers, digital gurus, and some of the most influential people from a full range of industries interested in harnessing the power of digital for commercial purposes. Not to mention the parties...It’s been an awesome - if exhausting - few days.

Apart from making the most out of a festival that showcased cutting edge innovation and saw some of the digital community’s top names take to the stage, CereProc had another - rather exciting - reason to attend.

Having entered the IC tomorrow Digital Innovation Contest 2013 earlier this year, we were honoured to be shortlisted as a finalist in the 'Advertising' theme, challenge 3 which looked at "next generation location specific advertising.”

Showcasing our products and services in an advertising context to industry big hitters, the CereProc team presented to the audience and a panel of esteemed judges, demonstrating the ways in which text to speech can be used to address challenges of next generation location specific advertising.

The Advertising theme - a category partnered with media giant MediaCom - was hotly contested with some cutting edge concepts and solutions being entered. Challenging entrants to come up with innovative tools, applications or services which will help to enhance the location advertising experience for consumers, the category explored the potential for mobile advertising and its ability to leverage the mobile device’s location data to power more relevant, targeted location-specific advertising messages.

We were delighted to be named as one of the finalists - and have our advanced technology recognised - in a category that will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the future of advertising and consumer behaviour. Expertise and past projects involved in consumer experience and behaviour has led us to become firm advocates of the importance of interacting with consumers / users of a service on a local level, using local languages and accents.

Particularly relevant for the advertising industry, as mobile devices and hyper local targeted advertising grows in importance, is the way in which speech synthesis can be used to enhance user experience and strengthen engagement with brand messaging, service or product. Delivering adverts in various languages and accents - tailored specifically for locations and delivered via the devices people are already using - will develop stronger connections between brand and customer, enhance user experience and facilitate a rich, compelling user journey. Previously an expensive and often complex process, text to speech technology is developing at such a rate that multi lingual and even multi region advertising is now a viable cost effective and scalable solution

Heading back up to CereProc HQ in Edinburgh - another exciting technology hub in the UK - we come away from Digital Shoreditch 2013 feeling inspired yes, but also ready for a weekend of relaxation to recover from the fun.

See you next year DS13, it’s been awesome.