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Opening CereProc's Wonder Emporium of Text-to-Speech

Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud.
Hermann Hesse

Sometimes, we all need a little light reading to explore further than current projects demand. In this series of blogs - our Wonder Emporium - we'll share some of the more unusual aspects of text-to-speech that are close to CereProc's heart. Because for us, it isn't what speech technology does today, it's what it will be doing tomorrow that excites our team.

Speech synthesis doesn't only help improve the tiresome things in life, like a call centre phone line. TTS technology converts text into voice output, and quite simply, the voice is everything - it's a person, a brand, and a feeling. With advancements in technology continuing in a state of rapid growth, synthetic voices are playing an increasingly important role in communication, from initial recipient reaction, engagement in conversation or process, the ability to leverage influence and direct communication.

Don't believe us? Listen to the two voices below and consider which you like best. How do you react to both voices?

The second is NOT a CereProc voice - it is the default voice on a certain popular mobile platform. Let's call her "evil Claire" for now:

This is just a snippet, so stay tuned over the next week for a selection of exhibitions that we hope will entertain and demonstrate the endless possibilities that TTS technology presents to the world we live in.