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CereProc is world renowned for offering high quality synthetic voices that offer character and emotion across many environments. CereProc has have recognised that, sometimes, our users need more from our voices other than high quality synthesis straight out of the box. Working with a number of our major household name customers, CereProc has developed a state of the art voice puppetry tool, CerePuppetry. CerePuppetry provides users a tool to add the exactly right intonation and flow required in their application.

CerePuppetry is a system tool for allowing synthetic speech to mirror your speaking style, making sure that, despite using a different voice, the message that you want to transmit carries the right tone and flow needed to enhance your message.

By using our CereWave technology, CereProc can take the audio input of any speakers voice and translate the audio into a data form, which our CereWave AI Technology then interprets. This CereWave AI data form creates a timeline with the correct speed, balance, and tone that can be applied to any CereWaveAI voices, including customer owned voices.

CerePuppetry allows your message to carry a distinctive touch that may be missing, or decrease the costs of producing audio material by allowing yourself and a synthetic voice to be the main drivers, whether that is in pursuit of privacy, ease of use or a simple preference for one of CereProc’s CereWave AI voices.

Below you can hear the examples of our Reader, A CereWave AI voice and a CereWave AI voice with CerePuppetry applied (using the Readers voice as a Guide).

Original Speaker Sample:

TTS Voice Sample:

CerePuppetry Output:

As of now CerePuppetry is only available via request, so please contact: sales@cereproc.com to discuss your needs.