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Explore the most natural and diverse text to speech voices on the market!

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CereProc Products

CereProc offers a range of products for home and corporate users.

Windows and Mac Voices

Many computers include text-to-speech voices. Unfortunately these voices often sound unnatural, or are only available in a single accent. CereProc voices allow your computer to speak in a variety of accents, including Southern British English, Scottish, and American. Try out the demo bar at the top of the page to listen to our range of voices. Most of these voices are available to download today.

CereVoice can replace the system voice on Microsoft Windows PCs and Apple Mac OSX. Voices for Windows and OSX for a single user/single device can be downloaded from our online store.

CereVoice Cloud

The CereVoice Cloud is a text-to-speech (TTS) web service. CereVoice Cloud provides developers with easy access to the CereVoice 3 TTS engine, allowing any application to be speech enabled with CereProc's industry-leading TTS output.

Server Solutions

CereProc cServers are supported on Windows and Linux platforms, offering high performance in multi-threaded, multi-channel environments.

Developer Solutions

Speech application developers can use the CereVoice Software Development Kit (SDK) to create their own applications incorporating CereVoice text-to-speech.

Voice Solutions for Application Developers

Application developers can license CereVoice voices, either to redistribute the voice package itself within their application, or to distribute the audio generated from CereProc's voices. Please contact us via the contact page for further information on this licensing model.

Academic Licensing

The CereVoice SDK is also available free of charge to academic institutions for research purposes.

Prompt Creation Solutions

The CereProc Scuer allows the creation of professional-sounding prompts with CereVoice. The Scuer interface allows text-to-speech output to be tuned to create different versions of the speech.