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Store FAQs

Q: When I install a downloaded voice, it prompts me for a license. Where do I get the license from?

A: The license key for each of the purchased voices is sent in the invoice email, immediately after the purchase of a voice. If you did not receive, or have deleted the email, you can get the license information, please contact CereProc using the support request form.

Q: I have purchased a voice from the website and I haven't received the disk. When will it be sent?

A: Voices purchased from our website are only available as downloads. Instructions for downloading voices are given both at time of purchase and in the invoice email sent to you. To download voices, log in to your account, click the Files link and all the files available for download will be shown. Please note that files are only available for download for seven days and may be downloaded a maximum of three times. If there are problems with the downloads, please notify Cereproc using the Support form that is available once you have logged in.

Q: I have forgotten my password and can no longer log into my account.

A: Go to http://www.cereproc.com/user/password and request a new password. An email will be sent to you. Please follow the instructions in the email and this will allow you to reset the password.

Q: Do the prices in the online Store include VAT (sales tax)?

A. Yes, all prices in CereProc's online store include VAT.

Q: Where can I find the Terms and Conditions for the SAPI/OSX voices?

A: The Terms and Conditions for the SAPI/OSX voices can be found here.

Q: I have downloaded a Windows voice and when I try to run the installer, it doesn't start.

A: Recent versions of Internet Explorer have started removing the .exe extension from large downloads. To fix this, either rename the downloaded file by adding the .exe extension, or download and install Google Chrome. Google Chrome does not remove the .exe extension from downloads.