Case Studies

At CereProc, we have invested in advanced IP to enable an automated voice building process, as result our commercial quality voices can be developed a lot faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional custom TTS voices, that is why CereProc have companies and organisations like Intel, Bloomberg and the Swedish Government ordering custom voices from us.

Our Customers Say

  • “After my real voice disappeared, CereProc worked very hard to go through my old recordings in order to create a voice which I could use on the radio. I would rather have my real voice, but Jamie Dupree 2.0 has me on the air again. It’s incredible.”
    Jamie Dupree, Radio News Correspondent, Cox Radio, 2019
  • "My CereProc voice is probably the best decision I have made over the past eight years"
    Steve Gleason, former NFL football player, 2019
  • CereProc consistently found solutions to the toughest of challenges and were a pleasure to deal with through the long and arduous process.
    Al Byrnes, Executive Producer, Rothco 14 September 2018
  • “ CereProc was ahead of the game. We needed voices that annunciated well. CereProc voices did and continue to do so”
    Simon Clegg, Mircowatt 2018
  • Just wanted to tell you how terrific the Jess voice is! Both it and heather as well, are remarkable! They are the most life-like TTS voices I have ever heard, and often when listening, forget that they are synthetic, and not actual human narrators. Just absolutely brilliant work! Thank you, and I am looking forward to whatever new creations you develop at CereProc. I am indeed a happy, satisfied, and loyal customer. Have a great weekend!
    Jeffery C 2014
  • Yes, we loved it. In our opinion it’s the best SAPI option out there. It’s the easiest to work with, simply install the voice and make use of the Microsoft C# API's. Indeed there are many ways to tweak the voice to make it much more human but the default settings and the default usage via Visual Studio sound very real and the best we've seen.
    Dan M 2015