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20/06/2012 - Text to speech expert CereProc adds two youthful accents to its range of English commercial synthetic voices

Leading text to speech company, CereProc, has added male Southern English and female Northern English accents to its wide range of English language synthetic voices, making them available for download and deployment across multiple platforms using Windows, Mac OS X, CereVoice Cloud, SDK or cServer products.

Freely accessible throughout the further, higher, and continuing education sectors in England as part of the TechDis Voices initiative, the male Southern English and female Northern English voices - named Jack and Jess respectively - are now commercially available to developers or individuals seeking to integrate CereProc's patented voice creation technology - delivering high quality synthetic voices that retain the character and sentiment of the voice artist - in the English language with specific regional accents.

Having been recently added to CereProc's growing number of commercially available voices, the two text to speech (TTS) voices were formally launched last month - in partnership with leading UK advisory service JISC TechDis - for use in the education system throughout England. Supported by funding by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS), the youthful male and female synthetic voices were developed by CereProc following intensive research and beta testing among active users to ascertain the most effective and well received voices.

Designed to support individuals who require assistive and alternative communication aids for speech output, and those visually impaired users dependent upon the TTS technology to access digital resources, the voice software also serves as a tool to improve productivity when embedded into wider mainstream multichannel practices.

Available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, and compatible with screen readers and many other widely used applications, the Jack and Jess synthetic voices are 22khz for excellent clarity and naturalness.

"We're delighted to offer the Jack and Jess voices to a wider audience via the online store, cServer, SDK and CereVoice Cloud services. They've had such a fantastic reception so far within the English education system so we're pleased to add them to our armoury of English language voices currently available for download," explained Paul Welham, Chief Executive at CereProc.


About CereProc

Since 2005, industry leading text-to-speech (TTS) technology company, CereProc, has been developing voice software and speech synthesis systems that deliver voices with character, emotion and personality.

With patented Emotional Speech Synthesis technology that is available on multiple platforms, CereProc offers the world's most advanced TTS technology. Continually pushing market boundaries to expand its product range and service areas, CereProc works with a raft of global clients - individuals, brands, businesses and academic institutions - to create synthetic text to speech solutions that are fit for purpose. Designed to provide an engaging user experience, CereProc delivers realistic, emotional, custom built voices in multiple languages.

CereProc offers a wide range of solutions including multichannel TTS software for servers, application development tools, and custom built branded voices, alongside voice bundles for resale and individual voices for direct download.