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14/05/2015 Text To Speech in Skype

Recently Skype set out to improve their accessibility for their users by adding new features such as adding text to speech. Now users are able to use CereProc's TTS voices during their Skype call.

To use CereProc's TTS voice just follow these instructions:

  • Download and install Soundflower.
  • Go to applications > Soundflower and run Soundflowerbed.
    • A small flower icon appear in the top bar, click on the flower then Audio set up.
    • Click the small + symbol and in the bottom left and select Create multi output device
    • Select built in output and Soundflower (2ch), then exit.
  • Go to system preferences > sound > output and select Create multi - output device
  • Load Skype an go to preferences > audio/ video.
    • change the microphone setting to sound flower (2ch)
    • open a TTS application and the speech will be sent over Skype.

The method should apply to both Windows, MAC, Facetime and Google Hangouts. Once the process has been installed, in the next Skype call the other speaker will hear the output of the TTS voice rather then the input of the microphone.